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Regular health monitoring.

We will help you extend your life and keep you in good health. We will recommend appropriate care and arrange appointments with specialists.

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What we do

Get the tool the modern patient needs

We provide prevention, manage your care, and help you proactively monitor your health.

Your health in one place

Continuously measure your vital signs with the mobile app. We keep your health information up to date.

Upload your health records and have immediate and long-term access to your health information when needed.

Personalized medicine

Our approach to your health care is based on a comprehensive health assessment and vital signs.

We will point out the potential risks, recommend an appropriate approach, and help you find the right specialists.

Online consultation and dedicated medical team

As a healthcare facility, we have our own expert medical team.

Our medical team will gladly consult or provide a second opinion regarding your medical problem or current condition.

Medical Concierge and Express Appointments

With a kind approach, we'll get you healthcare on time, nearby, and with the right specialist you need at the right time


Get a tool to collect a complete health history

Our Vision

To increase healthy life expectancy through personalized medicine.

Our Mission

We aim to offer a helpful and constructive approach to managing and preventing health issues. We offer prompt, discreet, personal, and professional services.

Our Motto

Health is not a one-time thing. We may do it from a distance, but we're closer to you. We treat everyone like a VIP.

Dr. Digital

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The latest technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your health. Whenever you need. On your phone.


We have helped some of you

Hana H.
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We used your services to evaluate another perspective on my husband's health and his decision to undergo major surgery.

With a clear explanation of the patient's condition, my husband decided to have the surgery - which I firmly believe saved his life.

Ondrej Nedoma
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I discovered the Dr. Digital project a year ago. I know online medical care from abroad, and its advantages are undeniable.

The future of medical care and healthcare is in the individual approach. Not sitting in overcrowded waiting rooms. And that's precisely what Dr. Digital offers.

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Our healthcare system sometimes takes months to get to a specialist or an expert in a given health problem. Plus, you wait everywhere, and I've often heard, "I'm not competent to do that. I'll give you a referral and make an appointment."

I am grateful that Dr. Digital has appeared in our healthcare market. I was able to get to the specialist I wanted very quickly, and I am satisfied. I got the service I wanted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our team includes nurses, paramedics, and licensed physicians of various specialties.

We use AI only as a support tool to prepare for the evaluation of your results or calculate your health risks.

No, the Dr. Digital app is not a replacement for a doctor. We reduce the administrative burden for patients and doctors and simplify processes and repetitive tasks.

After logging into the app, fill in your details (we need to know your complete medical history). Use the Concierge service to describe your problem and current status as accurately as possible and submit the form.

We will contact you as soon as possible to give you the opinion of our medical team, suggest the following steps, or arrange an urgent medical appointment.

Knowing information about your medical history, medications, allergies, and the progression of your problems over time is a tool that patients lack today.

With the knowledge of this information, which you would not usually provide to your physicians, the proposed solution to your problem can be far more personalized, far more appropriate, and with a significantly reduced risk of side effects.

Once you log in to the app, please send us the report, and we will provide you with a second opinion from our comprehensive medical team. We will explain your diagnosis and other treatment options.

We work together with a wide range of medical specialists. At the same time, we keep a comprehensive picture of your medical records and simplify the administration on the part of the doctors and specialists. Therefore, we can arrange an appointment for you expressly.

Yes, we can arrange an eRequest, eSick Note, and ePrescription for you. And we can do it remotely.

Our application will automatically monitor your well-being using regular vital sign measurements. Your cooperation is essential; please upload your medical records and provide details about your medical conditions.

You may also request a remote evaluation of your health conditions. Please be aware that we are not a substitute for emergency care. For life-threatening or sudden problems, please call your local emergency medical services at 112!

Your health is our primary concern. If our professionals identify a serious deviation in your treatment plan, we can consult with your doctor to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

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