Premium remote healthcare. For your company, your employees, or your partners.

Dr. Digital offers a sophisticated system that provides a personalized approach to healthcare for your business.

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How we work

Mobile app and a team of healthcare professionals

We deliver a personalized approach to your healthcare based on these two pillars.

Mobile application

Regular and easy-to-use vital signs measurements with your mobile device's camera, available anytime and anywhere.

Evaluation with the help of artificial intelligence.

Health diary to record subjective and objective health data.

Comprehensive health profile for you or your doctors.

Dr. Digital Care

Dr. Digital has its own team of medical professionals trained to provide remote care.

Contact Dr. Digital to consult about your concerns.

Concierge and Express Appointments – we arrange medical appointments based on patient preferences quickly and efficiently.

Regular patient assessments and health monitoring system.


Health is more than a benefit

Take care of the health of your business with Dr. Digital app.

Strategic investment

Taking care of employees' health is not only a social responsibility, but also a strategic investment that strengthens a company's competitiveness and long-term sustainability.

Cost reductions

By focusing on employee wellbeing, we reduce the short and long-term costs associated with absenteeism, and more importantly, the cost and time of recruiting and onboarding employees

Productivity and engagement

Healthy employees are not only more productive; they are also more engaged in the company culture.

Increased satisfaction

Satisfied employees become ambassadors of the company's reputation, sharing their positive experiences with others. This benefits the whole organization.

Onboarding and partnership

Health Day

A comprehensive event focused on the health of your employees, can be a regular part of your corporate culture or the start of our partnership and easy onboarding.

We never stop caring

We're here for you, even when the lights are off in your business.

Education for health

We can help you with advice and guidance on modern healthcare.

ESG and CSR reporting

We'll help you demonstrate in your reports that Dr. Digital is a benefit that really makes an impact.

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Dr. Digital's healthcare service has pleasantly surprised us with its professional and modern approach to employee healthcare. Dr. Digital's care has allowed us to focus on the individual health needs of our team.

Not only did Dr. Digital organize a health day for our team, but the healthcare professionals remotely facilitated and designed individual follow-up care.
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Dr. Digital's intensive healthcare program exceeded our expectations. With virtual consultations with healthcare professionals, vital signs measurements, and a convenient Dr. Digital Concierge service that allows employees to arrange express appointments with doctors, Dr. Digital elevates healthcare to an experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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With the Dr. Digital benefit, your company shows that it really cares about its human resources. Employees get access to a modern and efficient platform that allows them to manage all aspects of their health. The benefits are mutual.

Employees are healthier and happier, which contributes to their higher productivity. Happy employees tend to stay with the company longer, which can save you a range of extra costs. Your company remains competitive and builds its reputation.

Dr. Digital offers employees a modern approach to healthcare, time savings, and, most importantly, the confidence that they are doing the best they can for their health. Employees have access to the Dr. Digital mobile app and all its features. Among other things, they can regularly measure their vital signs, manage their health data, and use Dr. Digital’s services – consult with our healthcare professionals or arrange an express check-up with a specialist.

Taking care of their health with our service gives your employees the opportunity to become ‘modern patients’ who don’t have to go far for care and are in control of their health.

As part of our partnership, we are committed to helping your company achieve its goals in addition to the health of the individual. We can organize a corporate health event, educate your employees on health and lifestyle issues, and last but not least, help you with reporting for your internal purposes or social responsibility reports – ESG and CSR.

The Dr. Digital service is for everyone, regardless of the type of work they do or the type of company they work for. Whether you have a team in the office or out in the field, Dr. Digital can be at the fingertips of all your employees, helping them manage their health on a regular basis, whenever they want.

Yes, we can set up Dr. Digital Care for small and large groups of employees. We believe in a personalized approach to healthcare and are ready to tailor our services to your company’s needs.

We understand the business environment, and our service is ready for swift implementation in any organization. We guarantee a smooth implementation of our service. The implementation process is designed to be the least disruptive to your HR or other team. This means you can start reaping the benefits of Dr. Digital Care almost immediately without dealing with complex administrative tasks.

The security and privacy of employee data are a priority for us. Dr. Digital strictly adheres to the highest security standards and uses the latest encryption technologies.

All data is protected from unauthorized access and is processed in accordance with all relevant legislation on the protection of personal data (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 – GDPR), in accordance with the Act on Health Services and Conditions of their Provision (Act No. 372/2011 Coll.), and in accordance with the Civil Code (Section 2636 an. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll.).

Your employees can be completely confident that their data is safe, and that the highest standards of data protection are maintained.


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